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Opelousas Sleep Disorders Center

Diagnosis & Treatment for Sleep-Related Issues

Are you having trouble sleeping? Like an injury or illness, this is a medical problem you need help fixing. Sleep disorders can lead to serious health problems like heart disease, depression, and high blood pressure. Thankfully, by identifying the cause of your sleeping issues, we can devise a treatment plan to get you back on a regular schedule.

At Opelousas General Health System's Sleep Disorders Center you can expect:

  • State of the art technology to record and diagnose every type of sleep disorder
  • Registered sleep technologists on staff
  • Board certified sleep specialists
  • Private bedrooms with staff in attendance for all night monitoring
  • Digital video monitoring
  • Home study testing
  • EEG testing
  • Follow-up and referral treatment

How Do I Know if I Have a Sleep Disorder?

It’s possible to have a sleep disorder without realizing it. Not all sleep disorders are characterized by trouble falling asleep. It’s possible to sleep through the entire night and still suffer from a sleep disorder.

Healthy sleep involves more than sleeping through the night. You also have to go through the phases of sleep: Rapid eye movement (REM) and REM sleep. It’s also important to receive sufficient oxygen while sleeping. If you snore abnormally loud throughout the night, that’s a sign you’re having trouble breathing while sleeping. This is a common sleep disorder known as sleep apnea.

If you or someone close to you answer yes to any of the below questions, you should discuss your symptoms with your physician or call the OGHS Sleep Disorders Center:

  • Are you a loud habitual snorer?
  • Do you feel tired and groggy upon awakening?
  • Are you often sleepy during waking hours?
  • Are you overweight and/or do you have a large neck?
  • Have you been observed to choke, gasp, or hold your breath during sleep?

Sleep Disorders We Treat

Our sleep disorders center has a home-like feel. In order to diagnose your sleeping issues, you will need to attend an overnight sleep study. You will rest in a private bedroom with comfortable furniture and amenities that make it feel more like home. Noninvasive electrodes will be attached to your body so that our technicians can monitor brain activity while you rest.

We treat a wide variety of sleep disorders, including:

  • Insomnia
  • Sleep apnea
  • Narcolepsy
  • Nightmares and night terrors
  • Sleepwalking and sleep talking
  • Shift work sleep disorder
  • Restless leg syndrome

To schedule a sleep evaluation or EEG testing, please call (337) 943-7146 or fax to (337) 594-3837.

New Patient Packet

For patients who have a scheduled appointment, please find the new patient packet below. Please print, fill out and bring the completed packet with you to your appointment.