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Diaper Bank

The OGHS Foundation established the OGHS Foundation Diaper Bank in the fall of 2019 to fulfill the vision of Dr. Mia Ben. A diaper bank was needed in our service area to help meet the needs of our most vulnerable. The OGHS Foundation is supported by local civic organizations, businesses and donors to provide diapers for our diaper bank through diaper drives. The diaper bank accepts baby diapers and wipes, adult diapers and chux pads. If you are interested in hosting a diaper drive check out our DIAPER DRIVE TOOLKIT.

Parents without sufficient resources often allow children to wear diapers for too long during the day, or try to clean and reuse disposable diapers, putting children at risk for staph and other infections. The likelihood of abuse increases when a baby is in a household facing the stresses of poverty, and increases even more when that baby is crying due to the discomfort of a soiled diaper and the health issues that can result. An average monthly supply of diapers costs $80 and there are no public or government assistance that covers the expense of diapers.

We are excited to start this initiative with great partners, the Opelousas Pregnancy Center and the Acadiana Diaper Collective. Our distribution partners play a huge role in providing diapers throughout the community. The distribution partners determine the need and also offer additional supports and resources to families in need.

Thank you to our distribution partners:

  • Nurse Family Partnership
  • Care Connect
  • Evangeline Community Action
  • OGHS Case Management
  • Community Birth Companion
  • All Kids Pediatrics
  • Opelousas Pregnancy Center

Become a Distribution Partner

Without the support of our distribution partners we could not get this needed resource to our community. We are still taking a limited number of applications for partners, if you are interested contact the Foundation at 337-943-7143 for more information and to request an application form.

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