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Pediatric Cardiology Clinic

Skilled Treatment for Children With Heart Conditions

We know that it can be shocking to learn your child has a heart condition. Pediatric heart conditions are rare and may not present any symptoms for years. When one is discovered, your child will need a consultation with a pediatric cardiologist as soon as possible.

Taking care of a child’s heart condition requires a different approach than an adult’s. Children with heart conditions need a comprehensive health assessment before they participate in any vigorous physical activities. Rest assured, these conditions can be managed with the right care and diligence.

Symptoms of a Pediatric Heart Condition

Heart conditions are often overlooked in children because they are so rare. There may be no symptoms of the condition for years. If the condition does cause symptoms, they usually appear within a week from birth.

Signs of a heart condition in newborns include:

  • Blue discoloration around the lips and skin
  • Pale skin
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Difficulty feeding
  • Rapid breathing

These symptoms should never be ignored. Contact a medical professional immediately if you notice them in your child.

Children with less serious conditions may not experience any symptoms until they get older. Problems usually flare up during physical activity. Your child may get fatigued easily or sweat excessively. If you notice these problems, contact your pediatrician before your child engages in any more strenuous physical activity.

Expertise You Can Trust

Opelousas General Health System has partnered with New Orleans’ Oshner Hospital to host a bi-monthly pediatric cardiology clinic. You and your family will have close-to-home care provided by experienced pediatric cardiologists.

Your child’s care will be overseen by a multidisciplinary team of medical professionals. We will ensure you have access to the services, education, and community programs needed to keep your child healthy and active.