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The Healthy St. Landry Alliance

The Healthy St. Landry Alliance was formed in April of 2018. In the area of public health, one entity alone cannot take on the enormous task of influencing the entire population. Through the collaboration of the Alliance's vision to build a Healthy St. Landry for all we can make a significant impact at improving the overall health of the community. The Alliance is comprised of three committees and is guided by the goals and objectives of the 2018 Think Tank on Community Health.


  • To create an alliance of community partners who will engage, empower, and educate St. Landry parish residents for an improved and sustained quality of life.


  • Building a healthy St. Landry for all


  • Create Healthy St. Landry Alliance
    • Create the Healthy St. Landry Alliance to build a healthy St. Landry parish for all.
  • Medical Hub Concept
    • Research and identify the feasibility of a health and wellness hub concept.
  • Develop Asset Directory
    • Develop a resource directory of health and wellness services available in St. Landry Parish
    • The Asset Directory will be available both online and in print. This resource directory will help to guide anyone in need on what resources are available and how to access them. The images below highlight the Asset Directory Collection process and encourage all non-profits, agencies, faith based institutions and organizations that offer any type of public assistance to submit their information to be included in the directory.

Benefits of an Asset Directory

  • Access: Creating the resource directory will decrease barriers to care
  • Outcomes: Developing a full and comprehensive resource directory will identify gaps in resources and services
  • Development: Through the work of the Healthy St. Landry+ Alliance and gaining new partners, services can be enhanced and reduce duplication
  • Continuity: With access to the same information, providers will have the ability to share more detailed resource requirements and information

Resource Directory

How to Join

  • Click the Button Below: Click the button below or click on the link included in your email
  • Complete the Form: There are directions to assist in guiding your answers
  • Submit: Just click the submit button and you're complete

I'm Committed!

The Healthy St. Landry Alliance is made possible by partnerships and community leaders. If you are interested in joining the Healthy St. Landry Alliance please sign up here to be a part of making a Healthy St. Landry for all!

More Information

For more information or to become a partner of Healthy St. Landry, call Foundation Director, Tracey Antee at (337)678-4266 or email at

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