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Radiation Oncology

Skilled Radiation Therapy Services in Opelousas

To cure cancer, all of the cancer cells in your body need to be destroyed. There are several ways to do this, and using a combination of treatments often serves as the most effective treatment plan. Radiation oncology is a medical specialty that uses targeted doses of radiation to treat cancer.

Precise dosages of radiation applied directly to a tumor kills cancer cells and significantly reduces the size of the tumor. Keeping the radiation targeted directly to the tumor minimizes damage to the surrounding tissue.


Before radiation therapy begins, your care team needs to know exactly where the tumor is. Imaging tests like MRI, PET scan or x-ray will help our team locate the tumor and decide the best course of radiation treatment. Once the targeted area is found, its location will be marked and preparations will be made to protect surrounding tissue from the radiation. Depending on where your tumor is, a plaster cast or other type of covering may be placed around the tumor to block radiation beams from surrounding areas.

Treatment Options

There are two primary types of radiation therapy treatments, external and internal:

  • External-beam radiation therapy – This is a quick and painless treatment that typically lasts about 15 minutes. A targeted beam of radiation therapy is applied to the outside of the body. The radiation energy will be absorbed through the skin and into the tumor, where it will start killing cancer cells. This treatment must be applied approximately 5 times a week for several consecutive weeks.
  • Internal radiation therapy – Also known as brachytherapy, this treatment involves placing a radioactive device inside the body near the tumor. Some of these devices are permanent implants that will lose their radiation energy. Others are temporary that need to be removed at an appropriate time. You will need to take measures to protect others from radiation exposure while the implant is in place.

Side-effects of radiation therapy vary depending on where it is used. Expect some weakness and dysfunction in the treated area. We will thoroughly discuss side-effects with you before you consent to treatment.

We Are Here to Guide You

Radiation therapy is a very effective cancer treatment and could be a great asset to your recovery. We will make sure that you understand what this treatment involves and how it can benefit you before adding it to your cancer care plan. Do not hesitate to ask questions and tell us your thoughts about the treatment. It is our goal to create a personalized cancer care plan that meets your specific needs.