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Hospital Admissions

To enable us to serve you promptly and efficiently, we ask that patients being admitted to Opelousas General Health System enter at the time specified. When our arrangements are made, your physician’s receptionist will inform you of this time.

Emergencies and maternity cases are exceptions, of course. For more information, call the admitting department, extension 5135 or 5185.

When you enter the hospital, you will be asked many questions by the admitting staff. This information is necessary for our records, and we assure you that all financial, insurance, and medical information is confidential and will be handled professionally at all times. Upon admission, you will receive a plastic identification wrist band that assists the hospital staff in giving you proper medication and treatment. We ask that you keep the bracelet on your wrist during your entire hospital stay. Please report loss of the bracelet to a member of the staff.

We request that you leave all electrical appliances, valuable items, including jewelry and large sums of money at home. Opelousas General Health System cannot assume responsibility for valuables kept in your room.

Upon arrival at Opelousas General Health System, be sure to have your current Medicare, Medicaid, or other insurance identification card. Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance may cover the greater part of your bill, but any charges not covered by either are payable in full upon discharge.

At the time of your admission, you or your representative may be required to make a deposit depending on your type of hospitalization insurance coverage. If you do not have hospitalization insurance, please be prepared to pay the required payment amount which will depend on the nature of your admission and the estimated hospital stay. Your hospitalization is a contract between you and your insurance company. We will cooperate to the fullest in expediting your claim; however, you are ultimately responsible for payment of your account.

If you expect any difficulty concerning the financing of your hospitalization, our business office will be happy to assist you in making arrangements (extension 5155).

Physician Fees:

Physician’s fees are not included in your bill. You will receive a separate billing from your physician as well as other physicians who are involved in your treatment, such as radiologists, emergency room physicians, pathologists and anesthesiologists.
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