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CIS is First in Louisiana to Use Symphony Thrombectomy System to Treat Peripheral Vascular Disease

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CIS is First in Louisiana to Use Symphony Thrombectomy System to Treat Peripheral Vascular Disease

(Opelousas, 11/14/23), Dr. Kalyan Veerina, interventional cardiologist at Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS), is the first in Louisiana to use the Symphony Thrombectomy System to treat peripheral vascular disease (PVD) in the legs. The procedure took place on October 5 at Opelousas General Health System (OGHS).

The Symphony Thrombectomy System is designed to remove blood clots in the peripheral vascular system quickly and effectively. This restores blood flow to the arteries or veins of the legs. What makes this system unique is the continuous vacuum and differential flow, clot capture in the palm of the hand, and mechanical assist with unique helical design to deliver consistent, seamless clot removal in one fully-integrated solution.

The Symphony Thrombectomy System was developed by Imperative Care, and is equipped with two highly flexible SymphonyTM Catheters, featuring pre-shaped angle design with a rotating collar. They are integrated with a controller, which is designed to provide high-powered, on-demand, continuous aspiration and in-hand TrueView TM clot capture. The system also includes ProHelix TM, a tool designed to disrupt the clot for easier aspiration. The Symphony System is powered by the Imperative Care Vascular Generator, the most powerful commercially-available pump.

Peripheral vascular disease, including artery and vein disease, affects more than 50 million people in the United States. Treatment of PVD can involve thrombolytics, a group of medications used to dissolve blood clots, and/or thrombectomy, a procedure which aims to remove clots from the peripheral vascular system. Peripheral artery disease specifically prevents blood flow to the legs and feet, causing significant pain and limited mobility, and in severe cases, leads to the need for surgery or amputation. Symptoms of PAD in the legs include: pain or cramping after activity, numbness, coldness, sores or ulcers that won’t heal, discoloration, hair loss, shiny skin or a weak pulse.