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Dr. Andrew Sicard Recieves Circle of Excellence Award

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Dr. Andrew Sicard Recieves Circle of Excellence Award
The OGHS Medical Staff Circle of Excellence Award was created to acknowledge a physician who understands the challenges of practicing medicine and has the qualities and skills necessary to be an exceptional physician and leader. This award recognizes integrity, compassion, altruism, respect, empathy, and service that, combined with clinical excellence, provides optimal patient care. Opelousas General Health System is proud to recognize an exceptional physician each quarter and welcome them into the “Circle of Excellence.”
This quarter's winner is Dr. Andrew Sicard with WellSmart Health Surgical Associates of Opelousas. His nominations are listed below.

·“Dr. Sicard is EXCELLENT because he was able to help me with my abdominal pain that no one else could explain. He did tests on my gallbladder, and when he took me into surgery, he discovered why my gallbladder had been giving me so much pain and I am now pain free. I feel that he truly listens and cares about all of his patients!”

·“Dr. Sicard is EXCELLENT because it doesn't matter how bad of a day it is for him, how bad of a mood he may be in, or if life is tossing him some lemons. He is ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS kind and pleasant to the staff. He always helps others and does his best both in and out of the OR to make sure patients are taken care of professionally. He once told me: ‘I don't have to beat people up or tell them what they did wrong, they already know it.’ He lives his life by example. He makes others want to become a better person.”

·“Dr. Sicard is EXCELLENT because he is compassionate and will never tell a soul, ‘No.’ He is empathetic and treats patients, staff, and peers with the utmost respect!”

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Sicard! He is pictured with his colleagues, Dr. Eric Amy, Dr. Salvador Vazquez and Dr. Brooks Lowrey as well as his staff and Ken Cochran, President & CEO and Amanda Fontenot VP of Marketing and Physician Services.

To nominate a physician for excellence, visit or contact Holly Cope-Lynn at 337-678-4265 or