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Emergency Services Director is Honored at the American Ambulance Association's Star of Life Event

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Lauryn Allgood, Emergency Services Director, was honored at the American Ambulance Association's Star of Life event in Washington D.C. earlier this month.  Over 400 attendees were there to celebrate over 120 ambulance professionals who have gone above and beyond their call of duty.  The American Ambulance Association honored the contribution made by Lauryn for her work regarding safety and quality improvement in her organization. She was tasked with leading the Quality and Safety Enhancement Committee to head the air evac safety initiative project to completion. With Lauryn's exceptional leadership and guidance, the committee was able to successfully improve and enhance patient safety during air transports throughout the country after 2 years of dedication to the project. This innovation secures the aircraft cot to the stretcher at sending and receiving facilities to maintain patient safety when being transported to and from the aircraft. Lauryn's innovative and heroic work on this air evac safety measure has been implemented nationwide to all of the air evac bases in the US. Congratulations Lauryn!