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OGHS Acquires Olympus EBUS Solution for Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Staging and Peripheral Bronchoscopy

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OGHS Acquires Olympus EBUS Solution for Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Staging and Peripheral Bronchoscopy

Opelousas General Health System has acquired the Olympus EBUS Solution to perform both EBUS-TBNA (endobronchial ultrasound transbronchial needle aspiration) and radial EBUS. The latest ACCP Lung Cancer Guidelines recognize EBUS-TBNA as the best first test for lung cancer staging of the mediastinum (chest cavity) and radial EBUS as an adjunct imaging modality for sampling peripheral nodules. Using radial EBUS can confirm in real time, the ideal location for sampling peripheral nodules to help increase the diagnostic yield.

Up until now, the gold standard for lung cancer staging was mediastinoscopy, a surgical procedure. Now EBUS-TBNA offers a minimally invasive solution that delivers equally reliable sample collection in the outpatient setting. EBUS-TBNA uses a bronchoscope equipped with ultrasound capabilities to “see” beyond the walls of the airways and detect the precise location of lymph nodes. The lymph nodes can then be sampled using the Olympus ViziShot EBUS TBNA needle. EBUS-TBNA technology provides visualization of the target lymph node and the needle so that the physician can visually guide the needle in real-time to the intended site to obtain the sample.

For peripheral bronchoscopy, radial EBUS enables physicians to more accurately sample lesions in the periphery of the lungs that are beyond the reach of a bronchoscope. Radial EBUS involves inserting a small ultrasound probe (radial EBUS probe) down a flexible bronchoscope. The resulting real-time ultrasonic image is displayed on a monitor. When the scope is in the correct position, the probe is withdrawn and a biopsy sampling device is inserted down the scope to collect tissue samples for biopsy. The real-time visual confirmation of the scope’s position relative to the target lesion using radial EBUS is proven to help physicians increase the diagnostic yield during sampling.

“We are extremely excited to be able to offer our patients the latest technology and innovation for diagnosing cancersand other diseases of the airway and lungs,” saysAmer Raza, Critical Care/Pulmonologist at OGHS. “The Olympus EBUS Solution now allows our health systemto provide patients with the recommended, nonsurgical solutions for sampling lymph nodes and lesions for faster, accurate diagnosis and staging of lung cancer.”

According to Lung Cancer Alliance data, lung cancer is the leading cause of all cancer-related deaths in the United States among every ethnic group, taking more lives than breast, prostate and colon cancers combined. Unfortunately, only 15 percent of lung cancer is diagnosed at its earliest and most curable stage, and more than 55 percent of cases are diagnosed after the cancer has metastasized. In 2011, the National Lung Screening Trial found a mortality benefit of at least 20 percent in long-term smokers who underwent annual low-dose CT screening. On February 5, 2015, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services issued a final national coverage determination that provides Medicare coverage of screening for lung cancer with low dose computed tomography (LDCT).

EBUS-TBNA and radial EBUS are proven modalities for helping physicians diagnose and stage lung cancer and diagnose other pulmonary diseases. Both provide patients with a convenient, minimally invasive diagnostic procedure that can be performed on an outpatient basis.

By acquiring advanced technologies such as the Olympus EBUS Solution, Opelousas General Health Systemis able to offer premier care for its patients. For more information about thisnew lung cancer diagnosis and staging and peripheral bronchoscopy capabilities, please call WellSmart Health-Pulmonology Clinic at 337-948-7186 or visit

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About Olympus Medical Systems Group

Olympus Medical Systems Group, a division of global technology leader Olympus, develops solutions for healthcare professionals that help improve clinical outcomes, reduce overall costs and enhance quality of life for patients. By enabling less invasive procedures, innovative diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy, and early stage lung cancer evaluation, Olympus is transforming the future of healthcare.