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Opelousas General Health System is Among America’s Best-In-State Hospitals 2024 by Newsweek

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Opelousas General Health System is Among America’s Best-In-State Hospitals 2024 by Newsweek

Opelousas General Health System is Among America’s Best-In-State Hospitals.  This ranking awards the nation’s 600 leading hospitals. According to Newsweek, OGHS ranked 12th of the top 16 in the state of Louisiana.

Hospitals from all US states were eligible for the ranking and included in the nationwide survey.  As a result, 50 state lists as well as a list for the District of Columbia, were identified. These lists were based on four data sources including the nationwide online survey, results from patient surveys, hospital quality metrics and the Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROM) Implementation Survey.

Results from this ranking were generated from a nationwide online survey from June to July 2023.  Statista invited tens of thousands of health care professionals including doctors, hospital managers and other healthcare professionals to participate in the online survey.  They were asked to recommend leading hospitals in their state and had the option to recommend hospitals outside their state.  Recommendations for their own employer or hospital were not allowed.  Participants were asked to rate the recommended hospitals in several quality dimensions on a scale of 1-10 on quality of care, staffing, patient counseling and accommodations and amenities. 

Publicly available data from hospital surveys of patient experience during hospitalizations were also included in the rankings.  Survey topics from patients included cleanliness of the facility, communication of the nurses/doctors, care transitions, communication about medicines, discharge information, quietness, and staff responsiveness.  Additionally, The Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals were considered for: Hospital care, home care, and critical access care.  Those data were used to determine the patient score.  Other hospital accreditation data from The Joint Commission was also considered.  Hospitals with an outstanding performance in patient experience & safety measures were recognized with a patient satisfaction award. 

Hospital quality metrics from Medicare and Medicaid Services was available for: mortality, safety, readmission, experience, and timely and effective care. Hospitals had to report in at least 3 CMS categories (one of which had to be either Mortality or Safety to be eligible for the hospital quality metric score.

A Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROM) score was also included in the scoring model of the project. These are defined as standardized, validated questionnaires completed by patients to measure their perception of their functional well-being and quality of life.

“We are thrilled to receive this outstanding ranking.  It is a testament to the dedication and commitment that our organization holds in ensuring high quality healthcare to the patients we serve.  Additionally, this validates our efforts in positive outcomes and excellent care,” said Jim Juneau, Interim CEO.   

About Opelousas General Health System

Since 1957, Opelousas General Health System has been dedicated to the provision of quality health care through its strong commitment and high standards.  Central to the success of OGHS's commitment for excellence is the presence of an outstanding and highly qualified staff of physicians, nurses, technologists and other personnel who provide professional treatment in a caring environment.  Serving as the region's referral medical center, OGHS is a 181-bed, full service medical center, and the area's most comprehensive community health care facility offering a wide range of medical specialties and state-of-the-art technology. Visit us at

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