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South Campus Medicine Unit

OGHS South Campus is now offering a 
Medicine Unit
Acute Inpatient Care, Outpatient, Observation


3983 I-49 S. Service Road, Opelousas, LA 70570
To Admit, Physicians Call (337) 948-5166


Ideal for Acute Inpatient Care, Outpatient, or Observation for Patients who:

  • Are being monitored for diagnoses such as congestive heart failure, diabetes, pneumonia or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (uncomplicated), sickle cell anemia, cellulitis
  • Are hemodynamically stable
  • Have no expected surgical or cardiology interventional needs
  • Require blood transfusions
  • Require infusions/intravenous medications

Unit Features:

  • Comfortable, private rooms with showers
  • Telemetry capabilities
  • State of the art high quality smart acute care beds
    • Patient comfort to reduce stress
    • Saftey features, including fall prevention via voice prompts, visual lighting, and bed alarms
    • Integrated pressure distribution

To learn more information call

(337) 678-4285