Qualifications for Free Mammogram

Mammogram Qualifications

Opelousas General Health System is offering free mammograms through our "Paint the Town Pink" initiative, to men and women in our community who meet specific qualifications.

Services can be performed at either Opelousas General Health System or at OGH Imaging Center in Sunset, La.

Screening mammograms are approved on a first come, first serve basis.

You must meet at least 3 of the 5 eligibility requirements

  • Strong family history of breast cancer (mother, sister, daughter, grandmother)
  • Between the ages of 40-64
  • No insurance or underinsured (insurance that does not cover preventative care)
  • Existing health issues related to breast health
  • Meet income eligibility guidelines based on the size of your family

Income guidelines are based on 250% of the national poverty guidelines as published in the Federal Register. The guidelines listed below are based on the 2018 poverty guidelines.

You should make less than the annual or monthly income that is listed next to the size of your family.

Family Size  
Annual Income  
Monthly Income  
1 $30,350 2,529
2 $41,150 $3,429
3 $51,950 $4,329
4 $62,750 $5,229
5 $73,550 $6,129
6 $84,350 $7,029
7 $95,150 $7,929
8 $105,950 $8,829


*For families of more than 8 members, add $4,320 for each additional member.
If you meet 3 of the 5 requirements - Please Call Carol at 948-5157

***You must have your own doctor’s order – Fax Number: 943-7182

"Paint the Town Pink" in an initiative of Opelousas General Health System to provide education
and free mammograms to qualified individuals in our community.